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Tier 4 Overview

Doosan DL280-5 Wheel Loader

Rugged, dirty jobsites don’t stand a chance with the Doosan® DL280-5 wheel loader. Ideally sized, it’s capable of handling a wide range of construction and material handling tasks, from loading and carrying construction materials around a jobsite to transporting scrap materials.

For scrap and recycling applications, an optional heavy duty axle provides added strength and the flexibility to use solid tires on the machine. An optional wide fin radiator clears dirt, dust and other large debris from the radiator faster for better cooling. The optional guarding package, which includes added protection for the radiator, lights, cabin window, articulation joint, tire valve stems, brakes, and underside of the machine.

Performance features include a powershift transmission with optimized hydraulic pumps, multiple power modes, Z-bar lift arm, return to dig, and limited slip differentials on both front and rear axles.

With the high lift option, you’ll gain additional lift height and reach. Easily load materials like cement, coal, grain, fertilizer, or waste into high-sided trucks, hoppers or mixers. High lift is ideal for processing plants, scrap and recycling facilities, and agricultural operations.

An efficient cooling system features an all-aluminum reversible fan, rubber mounts that reduce vibration.

To help save valuable diesel fuel, auto-shutdown comes standard. When enabled, the feature will shut down the loader’s engine when the preset idle time is met. Operators can configure the idle time from 3 to 60 minutes.

From the comfortable cab, it's easy to focus on your work. You're surrounded by a generous amount of space, class-leading visibility, automatic air conditioning, an improved steering column, and intuitive joystick controls. With the joystick, you’re able to control the machine’s forward and reverse movement without taking your hands off the steering wheel.

The air suspension seat features a right-hand control stand that’s integrated into the seat assembly for increase controllability. Additional features include heated mirrors, a sun visor, and an standard rearview camera.

A standard 7-in. color LCD display provides helpful maintenance history and monitoring information, including a fuel consumption readout.

Maintenance is quick and easy on the DL280-5 wheel loader. Easily reach oil sampling and pressure test ports, and engine and coolant drains. Monitor your Doosan heavy equipment and manage maintenance to reduce operating costs with a 3-year subscription to Doosan Connect Telematics.

To comply with Tier 4 emissions standards, the DL280-5 incorporates a high-pressure common-rail (HPCR) fuel delivery system as well as cooled exhaust gas recirculation (CEGR) combined with a diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) and selective catalyst reduction (SCR). Read about our Tier 4 technologies to learn more.

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Download Doosan DL280-5 Wheel Loader Brochure